Fat Max™


The Culprit 6” Fat Max™ provides you with another option in your arsenal. It has the same great action and thicker body as your 7” and 9” Fat Max has with the smaller profile to be your new favorite finesse flipping bait. When bass are feeding on smaller fish, the 6” Fat Max™ is the “go-to” size. Great for river systems or heavy fishing pressure.
12-count each

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Size / Color6"7"9"
Black Blue Flake$5.25$5.25$5.25
Black Shad$5.25$5.25
Blue Fleck Shad$5.25$5.25$5.25
Grape Shad$5.25$5.25$5.25
Green Pumpkin$5.25$5.25$5.25
Green Pumpkin Texas Red$5.25
June Bug$5.25$5.25$5.25
June Bug Red$5.25
Pumpkin Seed$5.25$5.25$5.25
Red Bug$5.25$5.25$5.25
Red Shad$5.25$5.25$5.25
Sprayed Grass$5.25
Trophy Hunter$5.25$5.25
Watermelon Pepper$5.25$5.25$5.25
Watermelon Red$5.25$5.25
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