Fat Max™


A fatter, thicker bait with the styling of the Original Culprit Worm, the specially-designed tail “thumps” through water and cover calling bass to dinner. A great flipping worm that also works well in open water, dropping into strike zones during the retrieve. The extra body bulk aids in longer casts and penetration through vegetation. The wider tail generates a larger flash visual and louder call to action for wary fish.

Dustin Wilks, Elite Series Pro and 7-time Bassmaster Qualifier says, “I’ve wanted a worm like this for a long time. One that could be used in many ways, but especially shallow water flipping where most anglers are using jigs and creature baits. The Fat Max is bulkier than a standard worm and has a tail design that does not wrap around cover, making it the ideal heavy cover flipping worm. This worm gives me a distinct advantage over my competition – at least until they discover it for themselves!”

6-inch, 12-count
7-inch, 10-count
9-inch, 5-count

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Size / Color6"7"9"
NEW COLOR - Sapphire Blue$5.25
Black Blue Flake$5.25$5.25$5.25
Black Shad$5.25$5.25
Blue Fleck Shad$5.25$5.25$5.25
Grape Shad$5.25$5.25$5.25
Green Pumpkin$5.25$5.25$5.25
Green Pumpkin Texas Red$5.25
June Bug$5.25$5.25$5.25
June Bug Red$5.25
Pumpkin Seed$5.25$5.25$5.25
Red Bug$5.25$5.25$5.25
Red Shad$5.25$5.25$5.25
Sprayed Grass$5.25
Trophy Hunter$5.25$5.25
Watermelon Pepper$5.25$5.25$5.25
Watermelon Red$5.25$5.25
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