New! Incredi-Bug

New Culprit INCREDI-BUG offers enhanced features for catching big bass Having a bigger, thicker profile in the water, the Incredi-Bug is intended for bigger than average fish. The Incredi-Bug was designed with ease of casting in mind, and can be skipped a country mile under docks and overhanging cover.  Its heavy bulk loads the rod […]

New! Fast Vibe

FAST VIBE creates the ultimate combination of tail action and body vibrations Designed to cover water with a nice tail-kicking action, the Fast Vibe can be buzzed on top or slowly reeled below the surface.  This bait holds the hook well and excels around weeds and shallow cover. Use a light weight 1/32- or 1/16-oz. […]

New! Skinny Jerk

New SKINNY JERK design produces unique hyper swim action Thinner and longer than most jerk baits, Skinny Jerk was designed to hook fish easier and have a nice crisp action with more movement. Use weightless with small twitches to bring this bait alive in the water. Also works great with a scrounger head, underspin, and […]

RipTide Sardine

The Sardine has a weedless body design that is perfectly balanced to provide the perfect live bait action. Featuring a finely detailed soft-plastic body with lifelike scales and ultra-kicking, vibrating tail.


The Culprit 4” Incredi-Frog features “Incredible” easy casting and leg action imitating a fleeing frog! The body has tapered edges and a dense shape to make it heavier and more aerodynamic. The hook pocket enables easier hook-ups and the ribbed belly provides a smoother pull across vegetation.  


The Culprit 5” Incredi-Swim’s oval shape avoids twisting in the fish’s mouth resulting in more positive hook sets. The rings reduce friction in and out of cover and help slip through a bass’ teeth easier allowing for better hook penetration. The tail portion features ultra-kicking tail and a body roll making it look distressed for […]

Fat Max

The new Culprit 6” Fat Max provides you with another option in your arsenal. It has the same great action and thicker body as your 7” and 9” Fat Max has with the smaller profile to be your new favorite finesse flipping bait. When bass are feeding on smaller fish, the 6” Fat Max is […]

Original Culprit Worm

A proven leader for more than three decades, The Original Culprit Worm has outperformed all others — continuing a tradition of catching more and bigger bass. Its “kicking” tail and unique color selections give anglers the extra edge.     Tips & Tricks July and August brings hot water to most of the country.  You […]


The smaller profile of the Incredi-Slim allows for easy hook-sets and is the ultimate finesse flipping bait. Perfect for Carolina rigging, a shaky head jig, light Texas rig or on a bladed swim jig trailer. While the original Incredi-Craw, with its bulky design, is better in stained water or heavy cover, the smaller profile Incredi-Slim […]


The Incredi-Punch is designed with one thing in mind — pulling big bass out of matted weeds! Rig it with heavy line, a 1 oz. or larger weight, a big stout hook, then drop it though the nastiest cover you can find.  


The swimming antennae of the Incredi-Craw grab attention on the drop, and the realistic legs and claws flair out upon impact on the bottom, imitating a live crawdad in full defensive mode. A thick ringed-body allows it to punch through vegetation more easily. So lively, so versatile – the Incredi-Craw does it all!     […]

T-Rex Worm

T-Rex Worm –  featuring amazing twitching action, the T-Rex is typically used without weight and on top, occasionally allowing it to sink seductively in hot spots to create a predatory strike. The perfect combination of length, shape and body-weight density makes this lure come alive in the water!    

RipTide Mullet

The Mullet features a finely detailed soft-plastic body with lifelike scales and fins. The bait’s ultra-kicking, vibrating tail and perfectly balanced body provide the premium live bait imitation.     The 4 inch and 5 inch Riptide Mullet for Stripers have been a very effective bait for me during the fall striped bass migration for […]