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Bringing a higher level of performance for avid anglers, these specially crafted lures are molded with laser-cut precision to exacting standards, producing maximum kick, balanced action and a natural high flotation response. The MAX series is made for the discerning angler looking for a cut above in soft-plastic performance.


8.5-inch, 12-count each

10 Best Colors Worm Kit, 120 Worm qty.
Colors: 01 Black Shad, 07 Crawdad, 09 Red Shad/Green Flake, 11 Grape, 168 Sapphire Blue, 257 Smoke/Purple Flake, 32 Pumpkin Seed, 40 Tequila Shad/Green Flake, 41 Blue Moccasin Shad and 70 Green Pumpkin Blue Flake


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10 Best Colors Worm Kit ‑ 120 worm qty.
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Black Shad
Blue Moccasin Shad
Fire & Ice
Green Pumpkin Blue Flake
June Bug
Plum Apple
Pumpkin Seed
Red Shad
Red Shad / Green Flake
Sapphire Blue
Smoke / Purple Flake
Tequila Shad
Tequila Shad / Green Flake
Watermelon Red

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by Dustin Wilks

Filling a void in the Culprit lineup, this new worm measures 8.5 inches and was designed and tested to be a key player in competitive fishing all over the world. Perfect for plucking kicker fish from tournament waters or just getting that big fish you want for an enjoyable day on the water, the 8.5-inch Original will become a staple in every angler’s boat.

This new larger size worm has no limitations, you can fish it shallow flipping cover, deep on ledges, or swim it with a light weight through shallow cover. The weight of the worm allows for easy casting and pinpoint presentations. Multiple styles and gap of hooks all work well with this worm.

The Original Plus can be flipped in a tree, then the next cast, out-perform on a deep point.

During testing, I learned this length is ideal for swimming and covering water much like a swim bait, because fish can easily locate this bulky worm. It’s a really fun bait to fish and appeals to big fish. I like to use a 1/8- to 1/4-oz. weight for swimming really shallow water. The cool thing about swimming this worm is that it is so deadly when paused around deeper cover; allow it to settle on the bottom. The thicker tail has a great floating action, teasing them into biting.

I also spend a good bit of time just fishing banks, casting to everything I come across with 5/16- and 3/8-oz. weights, this is the wheelhouse of this bait for me. Simply fishing whatever you come to, presenting fish with something entirely new.

Shaky head fishermen will also love the size and action. If you have been fishing straight-tail worms offshore on a shaky head jig, then this is a good bait to add to the mix to see which action they prefer.

I’m still old school and like to just go Texas rig much of the time even out deep. The 8.5-inch Original also does great with heavier 1/2-oz. weights on those summer time ledges.

However you fish it, the new size and action of the Culprit Original worm will land you some really big fish!

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