The 4.5″ Incredi-Bug™ was designed with ease of casting in mind, and can be skipped a country mile under docks and overhanging cover. Having a thicker profile in the water, the Incredi-Bug™ is intended for bigger than average fish.

6-count each

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Size / Color4.5"
Bama Bug$5.56
Black Blue Flake$5.56
Black Neon$5.56
Carolina Bug$5.56
Green Pumpkin$5.56
Green Pumpkin Blue Flake$5.56
June Bug$5.56
Molting Craw$5.56
Pro Blue$5.56
Sapphire Blue$5.56
Watermelon Pepper$5.56
Watermelon Red$5.56
Witch's Brew$5.56
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The Culprit® Incredi-Bug™ is a big bait! With a bait this big, you don’t want the action to be overly powerful. At slow speeds and at rest, it has very subtle crawfish-like movements. When moved quickly, the legs have a flapping action that looks like a fast swimming prey. Works great swimming and dropping into holes.

The Incredi-Bug™ can be rigged in numerous ways: Texas rig, jighead or on a swinging jighead. Use a 4/0 to 6/0 wide-gap hook and appropriate weight.

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