March Toward Your Biggest Bass of the Year


March in much of the country is prime time to catch the biggest bass of the year. Fish are transitioning from their winter patterns to spring, often moving to predictable locations. In my experience, the bigger bass love to get around wood cover in March, setting up close to where they will eventually spawn.

As they move about and establish a spring home base, they use the wood structure to feel secure and ambush prey. Often too, crawfish will be crawling around on dead wood eating algae and detritus.

This brings us to my number one heavy cover choice for March – a Texas-rigged 4-in. Culprit Incredi-Craw. This bait has the bulk to hold a stout 5/0 wide-gap hook and not get hung up often. Paired with a heavy action rod and 20-lb. fluorocarbon or 50- lb. braid, you will be ready for battle.

This bait imitates a big crawfish in a fleeing posture. Some crawfish baits have big wide craws that act defensively, but the Incredi-Craw was designed to look as if the craws are tucked in and it is trying to get away. This action gets attacked because bass recognize panic and take advantage of it.

The key is always location and this can change throughout the day but as a general rule, bass will be tight to cover after cold fronts and at mid-day when the sun is the brightest. I generally like to find wood cover that is protected from the north wind and start there.

Make sure you have a Incredi-Craw handy this March. It provides great action that can get in the heavy stuff and produce huge bass.

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