Big Worms for Big Summer Bass

Big Worms for Big Summer Bass

The summer months have long been the time for worm fishing and, specifically, it is the best time for the larger worms that Culprit offers.

Summer bass are hungry and they are looking for big meals for their increased metabolisms. The bait is often at its biggest size this time of year and bass are used to eating big items. Focus your efforts fishing big structures — think channel bends, roadbeds and points. Don’t discount the big worms in the shallows either. I catch a lot of summer fish on deeper cypress trees and laydowns near the bank as well.

When I prepare for a summer trip to a reservoir, I make sure to stock up on many packs of the 10-inch soft plastic worms as the mainstay, but also always have a few packs of the 12-inch size on hand. These big worms are great in reservoirs, but also do well in rivers as well for that kicker fish.

When rigging these worms Texas style, use a smaller hook than it seems you need to get the most action out of them. I use a 3/0 with the 10 inch. and a 5/0 with the 12 inch. A long rod to take up slack is best, and line with minimal stretch like fluorocarbon helps with hooksets on a long cast. Use weights from 1/4 to 1 oz. depending on depth and cover. The 1/2 oz. is good for those 8- to 12-feet spots that seem a good range for many summer reservoir bass. Keep in mind that big worms on a C-rig also work quite well, since the fish don’t often see them fished in that manner.

My favorite colors are Plum Apple, Kissimmee Blue, June Bug and Red Shad for darker water, and Green Pumpkin or Watermelon Red for clear water. I do like the extensive color selection and sometimes an odd looking color really shines – such as the Fire and Ice. I’ve caught a ton of fish on that one over the years. Many times, I find one color that really outperforms, so it is worthwhile experimenting.

Keep things simple while looking for fish, but once you find them, make color changes to find what they want the most. This sometimes changes during the day or with weather conditions. For example June Bug is great when it’s cloudy, then when the sun pops out switch to Watermelon Red.

Summertime is prime time for big worm fishing — be prepared by stocking up now.

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