Culprit Worm


On the cutting edge, The Culprit Worm outperforms all others, catching more and bigger bass. The unique “kicking” tail and proven colors give you the extra edge.
4.5″, 6″ & 7.5″ Shad & Solid colors 18-count each
7.5″ Tail colors 13-count each
10″ Shad & Solid colors 10-count each
10″ Tail colors 7-count each
12″ 5-count each

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Size / Color4.5"6"7.5"10"12"
TOP SELLER! Red Shad$5.25$5.25$5.25$5.25$5.25
TOP SELLER! Tequila Shad$5.25$5.25$5.25$5.25$5.25
TOP SELLER! Crawdad$5.25$5.25$5.25$5.25
TOP SELLER! Tomato$5.25$5.25$5.25$5.25
TOP SELLER! Black Shad$5.25$5.25$5.25$5.25
TOP SELLER! Moccasin$5.25$5.25$5.25$5.25
HOT COLOR! Watermelon Purple Red$5.25
HOT COLOR! Lucky Charm$5.25
HOT COLOR! Carolina Clay$5.25$5.25
HOT COLOR! June Bug Red$5.25$5.25
Baby Eel$5.25$5.25
Bama Bug$5.25
Black Blue Flake$5.25$5.25
Black Emerald$5.25$5.25
Black Shad$5.25$5.25$5.25$5.25
Black / Blue Tail$5.25$5.25
Black / Chartreuse Tail$5.25$5.25
Black / Firetail$5.25
Black / Red Tail$5.25
Black / White Tail$5.25
Blue Blood$5.25
Blue Fleck Shad$5.25$5.25
Blue Moccasin Shad$5.25
Blue Shad$5.25
California 420$5.25$5.25
Carolina Bug$5.25$5.25
Carolina Clay$5.25$5.25
Chartreuse Shad$5.25$5.25
Cherry Seed$5.25$5.25
Chili Pepper$5.25$5.25
Crawdad / Green Fleck$5.25
Electric Blue Lightnin'$5.25$5.25$5.25
Fire & Ice$5.25$5.25$5.25
Fire Tiger$5.25$5.25
Grape Shad$5.25$5.25$5.25
Grape / Fire Tail$5.25
Grape / Red Tail$5.25
Grape / White Tail$5.25
Green Pumpkin$5.25$5.25$5.25
Green Pumpkin / Red Mist$5.25
Green Pumpkin Blue Flake$5.25
Green Pumpkin Candy$5.25
Green Pumpkin Red Flake$5.25
Green Shad$5.25
June Bug$5.25$5.25$5.25$5.25
June Bug Red$5.25$5.25
Kissimmee Blue$5.25$5.25
Kudzu Shad$5.25
Lucky Charm$5.25
Morning Dawn$5.25$5.25
Motor Oil / Chartreuse Tail$5.25
Motor Oil Flake$5.25
Motor Oil Shad$5.25
Plum Apple$5.25$5.25
Plum Crazy$5.25
Pumpkin Seed$5.25$5.25$5.25$5.25
Pumpkin Seed / Chartreuse Tail$5.25$5.25
Red Shad$5.25$5.25$5.25$5.25$5.25
Red Shad / Green Flake$5.25$5.25
Red Shiny Shad$5.25
Sapphire Blue$5.25$5.25
Swamp Juice$5.25$5.25
Tequila Shad$5.25$5.25$5.25$5.25$5.25
Tequila Shad / Green Flake$5.25$5.25
Texas Red Black Pepper$5.25$5.25
Trophy Gold$5.25
Watermelon Candy$5.25
Watermelon Copper Red Flake$5.25$5.25
Watermelon Pepper$5.25
Watermelon Purp Red Flake$5.25
Watermelon Red$5.25$5.25$5.25
Watermelon Red Flake Core$5.25$5.25
Watermelon Red Flake Shad$5.25
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