Culprit Worm


On the cutting edge, The Culprit Worm outperforms all others, catching more and bigger bass. The unique “kicking” tail and proven colors give you the extra edge.
Shad & Solid colors 18-count each
Tail colors 13-count each

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Size / Color4.5"6"7.5"10"12"
TOP SELLER! Red Shad$5.14$5.14$5.14$5.14$5.14
TOP SELLER! Tequila Shad$5.14$5.14$5.14$5.14$5.14
TOP SELLER! Crawdad$5.14$5.14$5.14$5.14
TOP SELLER! Tomato$5.14$5.14$5.14$5.14
TOP SELLER! Black Shad$5.14$5.14$5.14$5.14
TOP SELLER! Moccasin$5.14$5.14$5.14$5.14
HOT COLOR! Watermelon Purple Red$5.14
HOT COLOR! Lucky Charm$5.14
HOT COLOR! Carolina Clay$5.14$5.14
HOT COLOR! June Bug Red$5.14$5.14
Baby Eel$5.14$5.14
Bama Bug$5.14
Black Blue Flake$5.14$5.14
Black Emerald$5.14$5.14
Black Shad$5.14$5.14$5.14$5.14
Black / Blue Tail$5.14$5.14
Black / Chartreuse Tail$5.14$5.14
Black / Firetail$5.14
Black / Red Tail$5.14
Black / White Tail$5.14
Blue Blood$5.14
Blue Fleck Shad$5.14$5.14
Blue Moccasin Shad$5.14
Blue Shad$5.14
California 420$5.14$5.14
Carolina Bug$5.14$5.14
Carolina Clay$5.14$5.14
Chartreuse Shad$5.14$5.14
Cherry Seed$5.14$5.14
Chili Pepper$5.14$5.14
Crawdad / Green Fleck$5.14
Electric Blue Lightnin'$5.14$5.14$5.14
Fire & Ice$5.14$5.14$5.14
Fire Tiger$5.14$5.14
Grape Shad$5.14$5.14$5.14
Grape / Fire Tail$5.14
Grape / Red Tail$5.14
Grape / White Tail$5.14
Green Pumpkin$5.14$5.14$5.14
Green Pumpkin / Red Mist$5.14
Green Pumpkin Blue Flake$5.14
Green Pumpkin Candy$5.14
Green Pumpkin Red Flake$5.14
Green Shad$5.14
June Bug$5.14$5.14$5.14$5.14
June Bug Red$5.14$5.14
Kissimmee Blue$5.14$5.14
Kudzu Shad$5.14
Lucky Charm$5.14
Morning Dawn$5.14$5.14
Motor Oil / Chartreuse Tail$5.14
Motor Oil Flake$5.14
Motor Oil Shad$5.14
Plum Apple$5.14$5.14
Plum Crazy$5.14
Pumpkin Seed$5.14$5.14$5.14$5.14
Pumpkin Seed / Chartreuse Tail$5.14$5.14
Red Shad$5.14$5.14$5.14$5.14$5.14
Red Shad / Green Flake$5.14$5.14
Red Shiny Shad$5.14
Sapphire Blue$5.14$5.14
Swamp Juice$5.14$5.14
Tequila Shad$5.14$5.14$5.14$5.14$5.14
Tequila Shad / Green Flake$5.14$5.14
Texas Red Black Pepper$5.14$5.14
Trophy Gold$5.14
Watermelon Candy$5.14
Watermelon Copper Red Flake$5.14$5.14
Watermelon Pepper$5.14
Watermelon Purp Red Flake$5.14
Watermelon Red$5.14$5.14$5.14
Watermelon Red Flake Core$5.14$5.14
Watermelon Red Flake Shad$5.14
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