8.5″ Culprit Tournament Worm Kit

by Dustin Wilks,

The 8.5-inch Original Plus Worm is a niche product in the Culprit line intended for tournament anglers who like to fish a bit quicker for bigger than average fish. Even if you’re not a tournament angler, you can enjoy the benefits of speed and catch bigger fish.

It’s not that smaller lures catch only small fish, but bigger baits tend to catch less small fish, thus saving time and possibly appealing to the largest fish in a school.

The 8.5-inch is very versatile . . . most of the time, I use it with a 3/8-oz. Texas-style rig. With one cast, I can pitch to shallow cover, and the next a long cast to a shallow point. I also use it on a 3/8-oz. Shakey head on structure as this allows the tail to stick up higher for more visibility in deep water. However you fish it, it is a must-have in your boat. Check out the 8.5-inch Original Plus for that kicker size bass you’re wanting!

Culprit Store . . . 8.5-inch Worm Tournament Kit
10 best colors – 120 worm qty. – 30% OFF single pack price

Kit includes one single 12-pack each of these colors: 01 Black Shad, 07 Crawdad, 09 Red Shad/Green Flake, 11 Grape, 168 Sapphire Blue, 257 Smoke/Purple Flake, 32 Pumpkin Seed, 40 Tequila Shad/Green Flake, 41 Blue Moccasin Shad and 70 Green Pumpkin Blue Flake.



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