The Return of the Lizard

Culprit has reinvented the Lizard making it more effective than ever. Key design features give this Lizard named the Water Dragon a unique set of “skills” that make it excel all year.

Right now in early summer, the Water Dragon is deadly effective on a Carolina rig. Since the Carolina rig has lost favor in recent years, many fish have become susceptible to the presentation that have wised up to shaky heads, crank baits and other traditional summer baits.

Fish the Culprit Water Dragon on offshore ledges, roadbeds and points with long leader for the most appeal. 3/4 to 1.5 oz weight depending on depth, is the mainstay, sometimes on shallow bars and humps a lighter weight is needed. Rig this bait with a Fluorocarbon mainline of 15-20lb depending on cover (heavier for heavy mussel beds or barnacles). Pre rig some mono leaders in 12-15lb test about 3.5 feet long to help the Lizard glide. Since Fluoro sinks, mono is a better option. The gills and flat shape to the bait help it have a great gliding action and the tapered body and large back legs tease big bass into eating the helpless Dragon.

CULPRIT WATER DRAGONIf there is heavy bank cover, never forget about pitching the Water Dragon. It should be a strong option to give the fish a different look year round. The larger size and bigger legs certainly present a different look than a creature bait so it should be consider year round, not just in the spring where it is most often used. In summer, bass often prefer a larger meal since their metabolisms are so high.

Pick up a few bags of the Culprit Water Dragon before your buddies do, you’ll be glad you did.

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