When you hear fall buzzing you think of buzz baits, but there is another way to buzz!…

Come fall, finding a stacked grass bed that holds forage is what is most commonly looked for, but you will want tackle things differently!  In most cases, the big fish are reactionary which means they will sit and wait for something to swim by to eat.  Although punching through that grass with a big bait like the Incredi-Bug is how you would normally approach fall fishing, it’s time to change things up!  Take advantage of those big bass, as they chase and chunk up for winter.

When rigged with a belly weighted swimbait hook, like a 6/0 Owner Beast, the Incredi-Bug becomes something that the fish have NEVER seen before! Think of it as a swimbait, but much more versatile.  


Rigged up on 50 lb braid and a 7′ or longer heavy action rod, simply buzz the Incredi-Bug along the top or just below the surface.  If you find the fish aren’t chasing you can stop your retrieval and drop it in pockets in the grass, or near the edges of cover.  Using this technique will not only allow you to trigger a reaction strike, but by pausing your retrieval and letting the Incredi-Bug drop in pockets, it works great as a search technique too.

This technique is best around shallow heavy cover and shallow flats.  Grass beds with wood or rock in or around it will mostly like hold fish.  This technique is especially deadly around cypress trees as well!  Bass often suspend at the bass of the tree and by buzzing it just below the surface and then pausing your retrieval, there is no doubt those fish will smash it! 

The Incredi-Bug is available in a wide assortment of colors.  Be sure to match the color you select to the forage in your body of water and the results will be unmatched!

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