The bladed jig!  Like a spinnerbait, you either love it or hate.  Well, hopefully this tip will inject a little more interest in the bladed jig, like it did for me.

Last year, we launched the all new Culprit Skinny Jerk.  A soft plastic jerkbait with a lot more realistic underwater movement than others on the market.  In most cases, you would Texas rig the Skinny Jerk on a 3/0 or 4/0 weightless worm hook.  This set up allows you to skip the Skinny Jerk under docks, and it has enough weight to fish it over top of weedbeds and rock piles as well.  But what if the wind is blowing?

We all know that when the wind blows the fish get pushed up against the windblown shoreline, right?  Well, a Texas rigged Skinny Jerk is going to be to light to use in those windy conditions.  This is the perfect time to break out your bladed jig, cut down a skinny jerk to about 4″ and use it as a trailer.

The tight side to side wobble of the bladed jig transfers down the bait and into the Skinny Jerk.  That tight movement paired with the Skinny Jerk’s natural underwater action creates something so realistic you will want it to be windy every day!

Match your bladed jig with any of the eleven Skinny Jerk colors, and get ready for some serious bass smashing action!

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