RipTide Mullet, the bait that catches ALL species

canon-mullet-walleye canon-mullet-redfish canon-mullet-pike

By Tom Cannon

Every angler seems to have that one “confidence” bait in his or her tacklebox; the bait that’s always reached for when things get tough. Let me tell you about my go-to bait – the Culprit RipTide Mullet. I don’t think this lure has ever let me down. In fact, it’s pretty much a sure thing.

I have been fortunate to fish all over North America, from bass tours to fun fishing, from Alaska to Key West. I never make a trip without making sure I have several packs of Mullets. The Mullet is such a versatile lure; it can be rigged on a normal jighead, a chatterbait, Alabama rig, on a buzzbait or spinnerbait with or without skirt, or as a swimbait with a weightless hook.

The realistic look and action of the RipTide Mullet is what attracts fish to bite. Most every fish species will eat a minnow and the Mullet is quite possibly the closest imitation to a real minnow. When I set out to catch big flathead catfish recently on an artificial lure, the Mullet is what I rigged. I threw a 4-inch Mullet on a ½- or ¾-ounce jighead in the tail waters of a dam. My best flathead weighed thirty pounds and I caught several. I have trolled the Mullet for stripers, fished it on light line for white bass and walleye, even thrown in on a Road Runner head in Alaskan rivers for big salmon that “only bite flies.” I have caught my biggest Northern Pike (45 inches) on a Mullet, hooked numerous sharks, barracuda, snapper, bonefish, and tarpon on this Mullet. It doesn’t matter whether you are in saltwater or freshwater, the Mullet outperforms other baits in many situations. In fact, in brackish water it may be the best option as I have caught largemouth, redfish and drum all on the same Mullet while fishing the back waters of Louisiana.

No matter what fish are being pursued, I encourage every angler to have the Culprit Mullet on hand.


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