The New Culprit Incredi-Bug

Incredi bug feature

When designing the Culprit Incredi-bug, we focus on a couple of key points; bulk and being specific with the action.

First, We wanted Bulk! We all know how effective a jig is and we wanted a plastic bait that could be fished and rigged in many ways with the bulk of a jig. Bulk gives you a lot of advantages in many situations. Bulky baits tend to attract bigger fish and can be casted way better than light lures.  While a bulky bait is not meant for every situation, it certainly shines in heavy cover and dark water. The bulky body also holds the hook securely allowing the Incredi-Bug to be extremely resistant to snagging.

Incredi bug feature2

Second, We wanted a specific action — subtle.  The Incredi-Bug has carefully designed appendages to make it swim as natural as possible.  At slow speeds it has more of a gliding action, but at fast speeds it has a kicking action; but not overpowering. At rest, the appendages give a seductive wag. So what does this bait imitate? Everything! It has cues of a small baitfish, and also a crawfish, so it is effectively used no matter what the bass are feeding on.

Fishing the Incredi-bug, while I am sure there are many ways this bait could be rigged, it excels with a few techniques. Flipping, pitching heavy cover, swimming, and on a swinging football head.

While Flipping ultra heavy cover and mats, this bait fishes outstanding on big 1oz plus weights. The Incredi-Bug has a large presence in the water and holds that big hooks used for flipping without popping out and repeatedly. You’ll notice the unique hook point holder and weed defecting rib just above where the hook comes out of the bait.

Rigging the Culprit Incredi-Bug on a swinging football head, gives the angler options.  This way of rigging perfectly engages the subtle kicking action of the bait, as the appendages wag at a stand still, trigging bites from big fish!

The new Culprit Incredi-Bug now gives anglers a bait that they can confidently fish in a variety of ways.  From Texas rig, to swimming it or on a swinging football head, you’ll be sure to trigging some big bites with this big bulky bait!



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