March Fishing Madness




Spinnerbaits and buzzbaits go hand-in-hand with March fishing. In many parts of the country, bass are heading to the shallows as the water warms and are they feeding aggressively before they spawn. Covering water is key and spinnerbaits and buzz baits are often the ticket.

Culprit has both bait styles and they are solid choices for this time of year.

Fish the spinnerbait when it is windy and water temps are rising through the 50s and 60s. Shallow cover is king in the spring. Target any cover you can find and pay special attention to “staging areas” like points and channel swings near spawning areas and flats.

Fish the buzz bait under calmer conditions around shallow cover as well. Some of the biggest fish of the year will hit a buzz bait with the water in the upper 50s and low 60s in surprisingly shallow water under stable conditions. They are not the greatest choice after a cold front has come through. As long as the weather is stable or warming, the buzz bait is a dynamite choice. The key with a buzz bait is to stick with it long enough to find a good area and hang on, because chances are you will catch some “hawgs!”

Special tricks: On the buzz bait, crimp the rivet behind the blade – this causes more friction and will enable the buzz bait to squeak as it gets “broken in.” Usually about 20 minutes and you have yourself a squeaker. I like to break them in ahead of time out the truck window on the way to the lake.

The 3/8-oz. spinnerbait is remarkably easy to fish with not much pull. At first it will feel different than most spinnerbaits. Admittedly I didn’t like it at first without the normal vibration, but after three 5-pounders, I began to change my mind. The 3/8-oz. is better for covering more stained to clear water areas.
I fish with the 1/4-oz. exclusively by changing the back blade to a Colorado for shallow, dirty water.

Both baits work well on 14- to 20-lb. fluorocarbon line. If the cover is really thick I’ll often go with braid on the buzz bait 65 lb.; 6.5 – 7-ft. MH rods are best.

While not rocket science, chunking spinnerbaits and buzz baits are two techniques that will have your rod bent and your face smiling all month long!


Fish the Culprit Spinnerbaits and buzzbaits now


The Culprit Spinnerbait features high-turbulence, super-flash blades, live-action skirt and razor-sharp hooks in conjunction with a true fish-attracting action to entice aggressive strikes.


The Culprit Buzzbait features high-turbulence, super-flash “buzz” blade, live-action skirt and extra-sharp hook.







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