Lean, mean, kicking machine


The Incredi-Frog features incredibly easy casting and leg action imitating a fleeing frog. The body has tapered edges and a dense shape to make it heavier and more aerodynamic and provides the ability to slide in, out and through pads and other thick vegetation without hang-ups. The unique hook-pocket enables easier hook-ups and the ribbed belly provides a smoother pull across vegetation. The muscular legs crank out a powerful churn with the retrieve that will surely grab the attention of big bass anywhere near the area you cast. This heavily-constructed body outlasts other frogs through heavy use and multiple fish catches without having to re-tie often.
This 4-inch bundle of energy is the perfect frog lure and is available in a great spectrum of fish-catching colors to match-the-hatch or create just the right amount of attention under any fishing condition.

4-inch, 5-count

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frog eaters rejoice!

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