Culprit Shakin’ Neko Craw – All New!


by Dustin Wilks,

The Culprit Shakin’ Neko Craw creates a whole new Shakin’ category, the first of its kind for use in finesse applications of Neko rigging, Shakey Head, Wacky rigs, and even trimmed down for Ned rigs. When rigged Neko style, each twitch of the rod produces an action much like the tail of a crawfish as it scoots in short bursts on the bottom. There is even a built-in groove to securely hold an O-ring, popular with Neko and Wacky rigging.

This slender crawfish imitation is specifically designed to mimic the natural movements and fall of a small crawfish. The unique profile allows for a reasonable fall rate even with light weights necessary for Neko rigging. This bait can be successfully deployed in shallow and deep water. While deadly during the spring, this bait excels no matter the season for anglers looking for an edge over the traditional straight worm profile often fished on Neko, Shakey and Wacky rigs. Try the Culprit Shakin’ Neko Craw now!





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