Going Craw Deep

deep summer largemouth

Going Craw Deep

Summer has set in, and to us anglers that means strategies and approach needs to change…again!  But hey, that’s why we fish right?  No one said it would be easy, especially in deep weed for finicky buckets.

As fish move out to their summer holding areas, it’s time to slow down and hurry up and wait.  There is no forcing the bite, you have to just be patient and wait for the bite to turn on.  That window could be morning, afternoon or evening.  Bottom line, you need to really pay attention to your surroundings.

As the water warms on heavily pressured lakes, especially northern lakes, the largemouth will push deep to cooler, less pressured water, where they can hide in thick weed and literally veg out.  Low and slow will be the ticket.

Texas rigging a Culprit Incredi-Craw and targeting thick, offshore weed will change your day of fishing from a dud to some serious bass action!

Hook and weight selection is very important.  Why?  Since bites could be few and far between, you want a good quality hook.  Make sure your hook is sharp, strong and large.  The Incredi-Craw can handle a 4/0 offset hook, so take advantage of that slightly larger hook.

Weight comes into play depending on how active the fish are.  Sometimes you just need to slow down, down size your weight and let that bait flutter through the weeds and to the bottom.  Rushing and flipping a weight that is to heavy will not interest those tough bites at all.  Try a 3/8 oz tungsten bullet weight if you aren’t getting bit.  Dropping down in weight size will slow the fall of your craw down and will make a big difference on deeper fish.

The Incredi-Craw is available in both 3.5″ and 4″, and comes in a bucket full of colors.  Matching the size and color to the water you are fishing will only be a matter of trial and error.  Make sure to have a selection of colors on hand, as you will need to actively switch up colors and sizes before you figure out what those fish want!

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