Frogging in Fall


By Dustin Wilks

When the leaves begin to fall and the bass are biting topwater, what can you use to fish in the leaves, where trebles get snagged and fishing is tough?

The Culprit Incredi-Frog is it! Leaves or not, you’ll want this bait at the ready.

In many southern reservoirs, the shad are moving back into the creeks where they are looking to feed on plankton in nutrient-rich water. The bass will follow these shad. Many times I’ve noticed bass in the back of coves busting the shad. When you catch this happening on a lake during the fall season, it is great fun to watch.

While traditional topwater lures like poppers and walking baits are often preferred, I always have a Culprit Incredi-Frog rigged and ready for when there are lots of leaves or broken-up vegetation on the water.

The Incredi-Frog is a great imitator of a fleeing fish. The kicking legs and wide body resemble a panicked fish skittering across the top. It tricks these fall bass into a reaction bite that is quite addicting.

While there are many ways to catch bass in the fall, the frog might be the most fun, but also most underused. Sometimes I simply use it running banks as fast as I can, because I can fish with no fear of snagging, and I can skip it under trees and docks.

I fish the Incredi-Frog on 50- or 65-lb. braided line and often use an 8-ft. rod for super long casts and for taking up slack on the hooks. The Incredi-Frog works well on a variety of hooks, but I prefer a weighted-belly double hook in 4/0 or 5/0. I get great hook-ups and extra casting distance with this set up, and the bait always lands belly down with the weight on the hook, further preventing snags.

I typically use a white frog when I spot lots of bait in the back of creeks. If the water is clear, I go with watermelon pearl belly for a more natural look. If the water is dirty or there is heavy cloud cover, it is hard to beat black. I often use the black frog to cover water as fast as I can, because I know it is effective anytime in any water. In Florida, or anywhere the water may appear black, the gold with black back frog is a must-have.

Next time you get out this fall, don’t overlook the most overlooked fall bait of all — the Culprit Incredi-Frog.

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