Flutter Craw – Dropping the Bomb on Bass


The Flutter Craw is a versatile option in the Culprit lineup that really comes into play in May. Many fish will remain in shallow water where this bait is dynamite on a Texas rig around cover or on the back of a swim jig.

For the swim jig, trim a bit of length off the side legs and this creates action that makes it very effective. Swim it around logs and any current breaks on rivers and just generally any heavy shallow cover wherever you are. Any feeding fish nearby will go for it. Fish on 50-lb. braid with a stiff rod to pull them out of the heavy stuff.

If they are in a stubborn mood, that is when you flip the Texas rig directly into thick areas. Those forward-facing legs, when they hit bottom, act like they are searching for footing and nearby bass can’t resist. Fish either 20-lb. fluorocarbon or 50-lb. braid with a stout rod.

Once the bass move into deeper water later in the month, the Flutter Craw is awesome on a swimming football head jig or trimmed on a standard skirted football head. Fish this on any structure that has a history of producing bass. Roadbeds, channel bends and points are all good places to try it, slowly dragging across the bottom. Lighten up on the line here to 14- lb. fluorocarbon and keep the heavy action rod for good hooksets on long cast.


Fish the Culprit Flutter Craw now . . .


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