Feeling the September Vibes


September can be really hit or miss in fishing.  In the south it is probably one of the toughest times to the year, but there are several things you can do to put the odds in your favor.

Triggering a reaction is the key to fishing in Sept.  Speed and bait placement are crucial.  Depending on where you fish, many fish will have already moved or continue to live in shallow water.

Traditionally, small crank baits, spinnerbaits, and other moving lures in the backs of shallow creeks start to produce this time of year.  The Culprit Fast Vibe will bring another tool to your arsenal that is deadly in certain situations.

1.  Backs of shallow creeks with wood and weeds.  Fish around the backs of semi-clear or clear water creeks.  Often times crank baits and spinnerbaits may be too gaudy for clear shallow water with weeds.  The Fast Vibe becomes the dominant force here.  As weeds begin to break up, the Fast Vibe fishes really clean.   In this situation, fish the Fast Vibe on the surface by rigging the tail down and fishing fast enough for it to buzz the surface.  Think of it as a mini Buzzbait that can literally go anywhere.  This gets really good reaction bites from shallow fish in relatively clear water.

Rig this bait on a 7’+ Medium heavy or heavy action rod.  Using a rod with a little tip will aid in casting, as you fish this bait with little to no weight.  Often times a 1/16 oz weigh or 1/32 is just enough weight to get some casting distance.  14 to 20 lb flour or 30-50 lb braid work well with this method.

2.  For fish that are still deep or somewhat deep.  The Culprit Fast Vibe works well in all traditional riggings for worms.  Texas, Carolina rig, shaky heads, and swing heads.  The action of this bait underwater is more like a baitfish or a small swimbait with the tail tightly kicking.  This bait excels on a 1/4 oz shaky head around docks, as it looks like a baitfish.  This gives those resident dock fish a way different look than the Original Culprit Worm.  

Keep the Fast Vibe on your radar for when summer starts turning and fish are transitioning to fall.  It can be a real sleeper bait that will definitely turn some heads!

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