Feb’s a Flutter

If you live in the South, February is the month of the year with the most variables. For those who live up north, you can still be ice skating, but in the deep South and in Florida, February means spawning or very close to it. In the mid-south and across the middle of the country we could be all over the map as far as stage of the fish. Most often they are beginning their move to pre-spawn areas and/or still following winter bait in deep water depending on water conditions and lake type.

One of the best lures for February is the Culprit Flutter Craw. I would mix this in with lipless baits, crank baits and bladed jigs, as I fish throughout any given day. The Flutter Craw is extremely versatile, has just the right action that is not too aggressive, yet enough movement to grab the attention of bass and entice them to eat.

In many lakes, the crawfish are just coming out and beginning their own spawn. The Flutter Craw on a 3/8-oz. shaky head-type jig or swinging jig fished slowly on rocky bluffs and points in the midwest is a killer. Combine that with a traditional crank bait or go back to the Flutter Craw after you have found some with faster moving baits. The new 3-inch Flutter Craw is great on micro jigs and on newly popular techniques such as the Ned Rig or Tokyo rig.

In Florida or anywhere in the deep South, bass may already be on beds or have been in the process for some time. It is hard to beat a Texas-rigged Flutter Craw flipped to shallow sandy areas near heavy cover or in canals — all places where bass spawn. Often in Florida, the water is dark and the beds are difficult to see, so just making medium distance casts around likely areas and fishing slowly will get you some big ol’ spawning fish.

Available in 4″ and All New 3″ Size

My favorite method of fishing the Flutter Craw is on the back of a swim jig, not a bladed swim jig, just a plain swim jig. I trim off the side legs and cut the body in half and thread it on my swim jig — usually 3/8 oz.

If the water is close to 60 degrees or higher in the deep South, this bait on a swim jig becomes a fish finding and catching machine, simply because of the amount of water you can cover and not get hung up. As long as I have shallow cover and the water is not too cold, this bait is always on my deck. Use braid in 50 or 65-lb. test and a heavy action rod.

Once you find some good areas, slow down and Texas rig the Flutter Craw on 14-20 lb. fluorocarbon line in and around heavy cover and you will catch some really big fish this February.

I would not leave home without Flutter Craws in albino for my swim jig, black for dark water, green pumpkin for clear water, and Carolina clay for when crawfish are spawning or you find fish on clay shorelines, and June bug for Florida. Each of the colors has a specific purpose as to water clarity and time of year. They also match various jigs well.

Tie on the Culprit Flutter Craw for some great February action.


by Dustin Wilks

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