Fat Max Moves Major Water for Big Bass

The cooler weather of fall and cold weather of winter are not typically known as the time of year to throw an action tail worm, but those who dare to go against the norm can gain some nice fish in the late fall and early winter.

The 7″ Culprit Fat Max worm fished in two ways generates some nice bites in cooler weather.

The first option is fishing on visible targets such as lay-down trees, stumps and boat docks. Fished on either a Shaky head or light Texas rig, you can be assured to offer the bass with a different presentation than the square bills and spinnerbaits they typically see during the fall. While those lures are very effective, sometimes fish just turn up their noses at them, and that’s when the Fat Max shines. Its action and size are not overbearing and there is just enough movement to entice them to eat.

The second option is a Carolina-rigged, 6″ Fat Max worm. It’s deadly in clearer water on structure, and I often mix in the new 6’’ Culprit Water Dragon as well. These are two baits the fish don’t normally see until spring, which is part of their appeal this time of year. In the fall, the water temps are often similar to the spring, usually 50-65 degrees in the South so it makes sense they work well; they are just never written about. I particularly like secondary points leading out of creeks that have gotten cold in the shallow water near the back.

Both techniques are best in areas where you are seeing fish on your electronics or have a history of catching fish in the area. Try a little twist to the norm this fall and early winter for some great fishing.

Fish shaky head with 8 lb. fluorocarbon or 20 lb. braid with 8-10 lb. leader on a spinning rod, or Texas style with 14 lb. fluorocarbon and 1/4-oz. weight and 4/0 hook.

Fish the C-rig on 14-16 lb. main line fluorocarbon and 12 lb. leader of either mono or hybrid line. Choose weight based on depth.



A fatter, thicker bait with the styling of the Original Culprit Worm. The specially-designed tail “thumps” through water and cover – calling bass to dinner. A great flipping worm but also works well in open water, dropping into strike zones during the retrieve. The extra body bulk aids in longer casts and penetration through vegetation. The wider tail generates a larger flash visual and louder call to action for wary fish. This popular new generation of the original is available in 6-, 7- and 9-inch versions with 17 great color options.

“I’ve wanted a worm like this for a long time. One that could be used in many ways, but especially shallow water flipping where most anglers are using jigs and creature baits. The Fat Max is bulkier than a standard worm and has a tail design that does not wrap around cover, making it the ideal heavy cover flipping worm. This worm gives me a distinct advantage over my competition – at least until they discover it
for themselves!”



Dustin Wilks
Elite Series Pro and
7-time Bassmaster Qualifier

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