Early season – Incredi Swim & Incredi Bug

February fishing

This is a great time of year to be out on the water fishing. There are less boats on the water and the fishing can be outstanding. In the southern part of the country the fishing is on fire.

Culprit has two lures that are especially effective for this time of year, the Incredi-Swim and Incredi-Bug.

The Incredi-Swim’s oval shape avoids twisting in the fish’s mouth resulting in more positive hook ups. The rings reduce friction in and out of cover and help slip through a bass’ teeth easier, allowing for better hook penetration. The tail portion features ultra-kicking action and a body roll mimicking a panicked fish on the run. Packaged with a ½ oz jighead and 3/16 oz weighted hook that perfectly matches the body, this lure covers the entire water column.

Here are a couple ways to fish this lure this time of year. Find shallow cover during prolonged warming periods in protected areas of the lake.. Fish will often rise near the surface to sun themselves. A gentle breeze can help mask your presence to these often spooky fish. Rig up with the weighted hook and start casting to areas that look promising. You will be able to cover a lot of water quickly because this lure is a great search bait. Once you get a couple bites, fish that area thoroughly.

If the fish are pre-spawn or as in the case of Florida post-spawn, rig the Incredi-Swim with the jighead that comes with it. Super Glue may be used to secure the jighead to the lure. Find areas with structure near deep water. Points , deep weed beds and channels are good places to fish. The water should be fairly clear.

While fishing with the Incredi-Swim is a good choice you may need to switch things up if a cold front comes through. 

Incredi Swim

The Incredi-Bug has a thicker profile in the water and is intended for bigger than average size fish. With a bait this big, you don’t want the action to be overly powerful. At slow speeds and at rest, it has very subtle crawfish-like movements. When moved quickly, the legs have a flapping action that looks like a fast swimming prey. Also works great for dropping into holes or punching mats. The large profile will accommodate and hold into place a 4/0 to 6/0 wide gap hook.

Incredi BugLook for the heaviest cover available made up of floating weeds, matted hydrilla, alligator weeds, primrose or even logs and beaver huts. Rig the Incredi-Bug with a large enough weight to punch through this stuff. Good colors for this application are Sapphire Blue, Bama Bug, Black and June Bug. Unless the water is clear, then Watermelon or Watermelon Red are good choices.

Make short pitches through the mat and let the lure sink to the bottom, then lift it up to just below the mat and shake it a few times and then make another pitch. If your bites are all coming right as your lure pops through the mat, you may not need to let it go to the bottom. Let the fish tell you how best to work the lure.

Get out and take advantage of this time of year when the crowds are lighter and the fishing is terrific. 


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