Craw Madness this Spring

craw madness

March is the time when big bass start feeding heavily for the spawn.  Often, cold winters have the baitfish stock depleted and bass turn to crawfish that are emerging from the winter. Culprit has you covered with their 4″ Incredi-Craw, 3.5″ Incredi -Craw, and the Incredi-Slim.  All three imitate crawfish as they are scooting away, which is their most vulnerable time to be eaten.  If you watch a real crawfish when they are frightened, their claws come together for a streamlined escape.  They are less interested in a defensive posture and more interested in getting away, this is when bass swoop in and gets them and is exactly what the Incredi-craw series imitates.

The 4’’ Incredi-Craw is the best, big fish getter of the bunch. Its bulk allows bigger fish to notice it in darker water and it is just what bigger fish are wanting, a big meal.  One of the best techniques with this bait for March is to Texas Rig it with a 3/8 weight and 5/0 hook.  Fish it around the side of deeper points and flip it in downed trees.  If there are big fish around, they will bite.

If the water is a bit clearer, there is more fishing pressure, or heavy cold front, the 3.5″ Incredi-Craw is better.  The 3.5” appeals to all sizes of fish and works anywhere. If you are fishing in flooded bushes, this thing gets in there and gets them. If you like skipping docks, it skips like a champ. It has the perfect size and action for when the fishing gets a little tougher and you need to downsize a bit.

The Incredi-Slim is the most versatile of the Culprit craws. Its thinner diameter allows it to be fished with many techniques.  It is very good on a Shaky Head, C-rig, Neko Rig, or really any way you can rig a plastic bait.  You can take the same 4/0 wide gap hook that you where flipping the 3.5” Incredi-Craw on and flip the Incredi-Slim with the same set up. It is just a great, all around bait to use. Perhaps the most overlooked way to fish it and also one of the most productive ways to fish it is as a bladed swim jig trailer. It has great movement and the perfect size for that technique.  

Spring is time for craws and Culprit’s 4” Incredi-Craw, 3.5” Incredi-Craw and Incredi-Slim craw are what you want to be using to catch more fish.

Use them and you will have “Confidence with Every Cast”.

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