Big Bass Make Your Heart Flutter

dustin wilks culprit flutter craw

One of my top 5 lures — Flutter Craw

The unique fluttering action and versatility catches the big ones!

At least one Flutter Craw is almost always rigged in various ways to catch big bass for me. The action of the bait is completely non-traditional and you will have to fish it to love it, because it is so different.

In May, I primarily use it in three ways, and one way will surprise you.


In much of the southern half of the country now, fish are almost finished spawning and beginning to really feed well in shallow water. Further north, they are still pre-spawn.


So in the south, in stained water, I’m primarily fishing it as a jig trailer in two ways . . .

First, a swim jig — if you have watched my show, you know I love to throw a swim-jig. There are various designs of jigs, but most have a more pointed nose. The one I use 90 percent of the time is made by Eco-Pro in 3/8 oz. The 4’’ Flutter Craw matches up with this jig perfectly. I generally stay with a color called Tactical Shad with an Albino Flutter Craw as a trailer. I’ll change colors in special situations and I love the Molten Craw trailer especially in black water.

The Flutter Craw has to be rigged perfectly straight in order to work correctly on any jig. I first cut the bait in half, just above the middle legs, then trim those legs off. This leaves a thick body and the rear long legs.

Here is the interesting part. The legs are different lengths and have different actions. The short one kicks all the time, the longer one flutters at slow speeds and kicks at fast speeds. I love this action and is why I think it is so good. It will take some time for you to love it. In nature, bass key on the weak, and this off-balance kicking is one triggering mechanism that tells them to eat it. Think of a crankbait with hunting action, just a little different but triggers more bites.

flutter craw rigging

The second method in which I use the Flutter Craw is a trailer on a flipping jig in really heavy cover. If you get a cold front or have heavy current, fish will be in the thickest vegetation, so use the Flutter Craw as a jig trailer on a flipping jig as well. I like darker colors here. Normally Black or Sapphire Blue.

Lastly, I use the Flutter Craw as a ned rig. Tear off all the appendages except the antennae and you have the nicest looking ned bait on the market. Use this for finesse fishing in clearer water for spots, smallmouth and largemouth. The ned rig is basically a mushroom head jig head you fish with an open hook. This works well up north especially, because there are generally less snags. Use the 3-inch size for really clear water and the 4″ for stained. Sometimes I use the whole 3-in. Flutter Craw on a heavier head to really get those legs moving if the fish are active.  I use 1/4- or 3/8-oz. since all those legs have some resistance to slow the fall.

Of course the Flutter Craw works great with the whole bait Texas rigged as well, but this gives you a few ideas and options to try.  As a Texas rig, once it hits bottom, work it slowly and watch the front legs move back and then forward at rest, driving fish crazy. It’s a good bed fish option too.


Available in 3″ and 4″ sizes

culprit flutter craw available in 3" and 4" sizes

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