Big Baits Shine in June

In all of the country (except for the far north), JUNE brings the beginning of Summer and the end of the spawning phase for bass. Bass are looking to recover, capitalize on finding a good meal, and resting. The big baits shine this time of year. The Culprit 10″ and 12″ Originals and the 9″ Fat Max are good to throw in water adjacent to spawning areas leading out to deep water.

You need to look for long points, channel drops, and other structure nearby major spawning grounds. I like to find big flats and fish the points and channels that run closest to these. Many fish on the flats spawn a little deeper and were not targeted as heavy by anglers working pockets in the spring so you have fish that literally might not have seen a lure in a long time when they first move out.

June tip 1

So you have got hungry bass and ones that have not got much pressure- this is the recipe for big worms. I like to fish them both on Carolina rigs and Texas rigs with weights ranging from 5/16 to over an ounce. The deeper water calls for heavier weights. Let the mood of the fish dictate how you fish. If they are aggressive you might be able to quickly fish a Carolina rig over large areas on a heavy weight. The heavy weight allows you to feel everything on the bottom and fish faster- you can really find some good areas with the Carolina rig.

If they are more fickle, a lighter Texas rig may be required. Often times for a week or two after they spawn, they want a slow, subtle bait. The 10″ Original fits the bill for me. I rig it up on a 5/16 and fish in water 3-10 feet on flatter points.

I carry a variety of colors based on light and water color. One trick is to fish with blues and purples when it is cloudy and greens and browns when it is sunny. I’ve noticed that this works even with passing clouds. So if some clouds pop up on an otherwise sunny day, quickly change to June Bug, Black Blue, or Electric Blue to get a few more bites. When the clouds move out, switch back.

June tip 2

Also, be sure not to overpower your worm with a hook that’s too big. This takes away from the action. On a 10 inch worm a 3/0 sounds small but produces great action, getting you more bites.

So pull out the big baits this June and pull some big fish into the boat.


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