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Culprit offers Feature-rich 5” Incredi-Swim Lure

The Culprit 5” Incredi-Swim’s oval shape avoids twisting in the fish’s mouth resulting in more positive hook sets. The rings reduce friction in and out of cover and help slip through a bass’ teeth easier allowing for better hook penetration. The tail portion features ultra-kicking tail and a body roll making it look distressed for […]

Action-packed Incredi-Frog New from Culprit

The Culprit 4” Incredi-Frog features “Incredible” easy casting and leg action imitating a fleeing frog! The body has tapered edges and a dense shape to make it heavier and more aerodynamic. The hook pocket enables easier hook-ups and the ribbed belly provides a smoother pull across vegetation. The all-new Incredi-Frog is available in 5-count re-closable […]

6-inch Size Added to the Culprit Fat Max Series

By popular demand, Culprit now offers its Fat Max worm series in 6-inch size to compliment the existing 7- and 9-inch offerings. The Culprit 6” Fat Max provides you with another option in your arsenal. It has the same great action and thicker body as your 7” and 9” Fat Max has with the smaller […]