May Bass Fishing

Bass Fishing in May depends on the weather and what the fish did in April.  For the most part, the bass have finished the majority of their spawning and are getting ready to feed.  You may still have a little bit of the post spawn blues during the first week or so of May, but […]

Think Shad to find Bass in November

November is one of the best months to fish. This is when you really start to see some fat fish. The water is cooling, but the feeding is picking up, making the fish put on weight. A lot of people have exchanged their rod and reels for bows and arrows. This is music to my […]

Be Ready to Adjust with the September Winds of Change

It’s right around Labor Day that many of you will start to see the beginning of some major changes in your favorite bass fisheries. The lakes and rivers turn over in places, leaves change colors after the first frost, and both the forage and bass begin to be in flux mode. With all this going […]

Increase your odds this August by fishing for Smallmouth Bass

Stay inside and wait till October…just kidding. While August can be tough and hot in the South, the fishing up North is awesome. The fish have finished spawning and feeding heavily. This is my favorite time to fish for smallmouth bass with crawfish imitating lures. Two of my favorites are the Incredi-craw and a jig […]

Target Mature Vegetation to find Bass in July

If you were to take the average growth cycle of aquatic vegetation nationally, you’d find that most of the grass/ weeds in your favorite lakes, rivers, and ponds are topped out and mature around July. Good news: the bass live there too! It’s a great time to target vegetation as a pattern, especially matted vegetation. […]

Big Baits Shine in June

In all of the country (except for the far north), JUNE brings the beginning of Summer and the end of the spawning phase for bass. Bass are looking to recover, capitalize on finding a good meal, and resting. The big baits shine this time of year. The Culprit 10″ and 12″ Originals and the 9″ […]

Two Bass Fishing Strategies that make each May Day a Heyday

Many of the bass around the country are post spawn in May or at least approaching the tail end of the spawn. This means that you have to change gears a little but overall, it’s a fun time to bass fish. For many folks, two tactical approaches with plastics take center stage in May. Both […]

Choose Lures According to Water Color

For much of the country, April is without a doubt the best month for soft plastics. Because many fish are shallow, they become territorial and protective. You will find slow presentations rule most days this month. My  approach on what to use is based on the color of the water and a variety of soft […]

Contrast is a Great Answer for Finicky Bedding Bass

It’s coming up on that time of year when the bass will be setting up on beds.  Some of you that reside in Southern states may already be experiencing this annual occurrence. There’s always other fish to target during the spawn, but many times under the right conditions, big bedding bass are the ones to […]

RipTide Mullet for Stripers

The 4 inch and 5 inch Riptide Mullet for Stripers have been a very effective bait for me during the fall striped bass migration for several years. I use these baits on open sand beaches along the ocean fronts and while casting from rock jetties bordering inlets. The 4 inch mullet is a great bait […]