The Culprit 5” Incredi-Swim’s oval shape avoids twisting in the fish’s mouth resulting in more positive hook sets. The rings reduce friction in and out of cover and help slip through a bass’ teeth easier allowing for better hook penetration. The tail portion features ultra-kicking tail and a body roll making it look distressed for […]


  The smaller profile of the Incredi-Slim allows for easy hook-sets and is the ultimate finesse flipping bait. Perfect for Carolina rigging, a shaky head jig, light Texas rig or on a bladed swim jig trailer. While the original Incredi-Craw, with its bulky design, is better in stained water or heavy cover, the smaller profile […]


The Incredi-Punch is designed with one thing in mind — pulling big bass out of matted weeds! Rig it with heavy line, a 1 oz. or larger weight, a big stout hook, then drop it though the nastiest cover you can find.  


The swimming antennae of the Incredi-Craw grab attention on the drop, and the realistic legs and claws flair out upon impact on the bottom, imitating a live crawdad in full defensive mode. A thick ringed-body allows it to punch through vegetation more easily. So lively, so versatile – the Incredi-Craw does it all!   • […]

Creature Craw

The Creature Craw ’s over-sized claws create abundant flapping action and a “thump” felt on the retrieve, similar to a spinnerbait. The claws are securely attached “mid-body,” concentrating the bite at the hook, eliminating the problem of short strikes that are common when claws are positioned away from the hook. This lure excels in low […]

Pro-Style Lizard

A classic-styled bait, the Pro-Style Lizard is the perfect choice for year-round bass fishing. This lure shape consistently catches big bass, the slender body slithers through thick vegetation to penetrate the deep strike zones – producing more and bigger catches. Ideal for both Texas- and Carolina-style rigging, this lizard shape triggers a defensive strike when […]