6-inch Fat Max

The new Culprit 6” Fat Max provides you with another option in your arsenal. It has the same great action and thicker body as your 7” and 9” Fat Max has with the smaller profile to be your new favorite finesse flipping bait. When bass are feeding on smaller fish, the 6” Fat Max is […]

Original Culprit Worm

A proven leader for more than three decades, The Original Culprit Worm has outperformed all others — continuing a tradition of catching more and bigger bass. Its “kicking” tail and unique color selections give anglers the extra edge.     Tips & Tricks July and August brings hot water to most of the country.  You […]

DW1 Grub

Th DW1 Grub’s tiny twintail packs some serious punch when paired with your favorite finesse jig. It imitates the naturally smaller northern-region crawfish that most tournament size bass eat. On smallmouth or spotted bass lakes it offers great finesse action for clear and cold water conditions, it’ll swim, scoot and hop perfectly true along the […]

DW2 Chunk

  Designed for great skipping action, DW2 Chunks’s flat appendages also produce a great “deadstick” action for cold water and finesse-type situations. When paired with your favorite small-profile finesse jig, this lure’s rectangular-shaped body allows the bait to swim true on a horizontal plane along the bottom mimicking a crawfish – irresistible to heavily-pressured or […]

DW3 Grub

  The large lengthy tails of the DW3 Grub give this trailer the perfect combination of swimming action and an overall bait profile for the back of your favorite swim-jig. It is an excellent choice for stained water pitching, flippin’ or even trailering a football head jig. The bulked body provides the buoyancy to keep […]

T-Rex Worm

T-Rex Worm –  featuring amazing twitching action, the T-Rex is typically used without weight and on top, occasionally allowing it to sink seductively in hot spots to create a predatory strike. The perfect combination of length, shape and body-weight density makes this lure come alive in the water!