12 Lures of Christmas


7-inch Fat Max in Black Shad. This is my favorite overall bait from Culprit. I use this worm around shallow cover flipping and pitching much like you would a jig or creature bait. Sometimes fish prefer this worm swimming over falling straight down so I’ll swim it and let it drop. The black shad color is my favorite for imitating small bait fish as they swim around cover. The best time to use this worm is from May through November. Fish it on a 5/16 or 3/8-ounce Tungsten weight and 4/0 wide gap hook. 16 pound fluorocarbon line for stained water or 20 for dirty water.

4-inch Flutter Craw in Albino. This bait I almost exclusively used on a swim jig as a trailer. I’ve literally caught thousands of fish on this lure since it came out. To make it fit a jig I cut it almost exactly in half, cut off the side legs and thread up the shank of a white or baitfish color jig. The trick to using this bait is to constantly twitch your rod as you retrieve. This is one of the best lures you can use to cover water and find fish. The flutter craw has a unique action that you will have to get used to. Once you start catching fish on it you will love it. I use a swim jig on 50-lb. braided line and a heavy action rod around shallow cover from March until the water drops below 60 degrees.

10-inch Culprit Original Worm in Plum Apple. This is my favorite size and color worm when bass move offshore after they spawn, typically in June. I find hard spots on the edges of flats or points, or on the edge of channels, then slowly drag this bait across. I typically use a 3/8-oz. tungsten weight for water that is more shallow than about 8 feet, and then bump up to half ounce for deeper water. I use a 3/0 wide gap hook and a 7-ft, or longer heavy action rod. The smaller hook allows the worm to have much more action and tail float. This lure works best in June, July or August, but you can catch them anytime.

7-inch Culprit Water Dragon in June Bug. I love this bait in and around spawning time in stained or dirty water. Anytime I see water temperatures 60 to 70 degrees in spring, I consider this to be a prime bait. The big draw to this bait is the large back legs and flat spot on the tail that causes it to have a large presence in the water and makes spawning bass angry. On a Texas rig I like a 5/16- or a 3/8-oz. Tungsten weight and a 4/0 offset shank hook. Sometimes I use a weighted belly hook and fish it more like senko if they are wanting a slow fall. I also use it on flats on a Carolina rig when searching for spawning bass on vast flats or when they first move out on summer structure. This bait can get really good again in the fall if fish are not responding to moving baits.

4-inch Culprit Incredi-Craw In Bama Bug. This is my favorite flipping bait from Culprit. I’m gonna use this bait year-round when conditions are calling for flipping and pitching. A couple times of the year are absolutely lights out. The first is immediately before they move into spawn, bass seem to love this large size crawfish while they’re feeding up before they hit the beds. The second best time is a couple weeks after they spawn if there’s lots of shallow cover or flooded bushes around, where they will eat this lure with a vengeance. I fish this bait on 20–25-lb. fluorocarbon or 50-lb. braid and a 7’3” heavy action rod.

4-inch Culprit Incredi-Slim Okeechobee Craw. This is the jack of all trades bait for me. I don’t leave the dock without it. My number one use for it is as a bladed swim jig trailer. I cut off about half an inch and thread it up the shank bladed jigs like a chatterbait. It has been my go-to trailer for 10 years. Bladed jigs are best in spring and fall, but work year round. It’s also a great finesse flipping bait and perfect on Carolina rigs and shaky heads. I also use this as a trailer on football jigs. It looks like nothing but imitates everything, that is why it is so good. Bass just think it looks like something good to eat. I typically fish this bait on 16-lb. fluorocarbon for the bladed jig and a medium-heavy action rod. For finesse flipping, I’ll use it on a 5/16-oz. weight and 3/0 wide gap hook around shallow cover.

6-inch Fast Vibe in Green Pumpkin. This is becoming one of my favorite lures. It is so simple to fish with and there’s literally no way to fish it wrong. Many times I will just buzz this worm across the surface either weightless or with a tiny 1/32-oz. weight. That is deadly in shallow clear water. It also is really good on a light Texas rig with a quarter ounce weight and 3/0 hook for fish a little deeper. I like to swim it then drop into cover. It is a great bait for covering water because it has appeal when retrieved fast. Don’t overlook this worm on a shaky head or a Carolina rig. I typically use straight 40-lb. braid with this lure, sometimes 50. If the water is really clear I’ll use fluorocarbon instead. You’ll want a medium heavy rod that’s not entirely a broomstick just for ease of casting.

4-inch Culprit Pro-Frog in Bream Bed Special. This is a special run you’ll only get with this Christmas pack or occasionally during the year. I use this bait any time the water temperature is above 55 degrees and stable or rising. This is not typically the best lure to use during cold fronts. I use this bait in two ways. First, I use it as a trailer on a buzz bait. This can be an awesome way to fish in low water temperatures in early spring. The other way I use it is on a 6/0 screw lock hook weightless. I add a tiny bit of weight to the shank of the hook in the form of lead tape, this allows the frog to land with the hook point up so you don’t get snagged. I would consider this bait mildly finesse even though it has a large size. I really like to fish it in the summer when the bluegill are spawning in the back of pockets. Bluegill typically spawn all summer, heavier around a full moon. This bait takes straight 50-lb. braid and a 7’3” heavy action rod.

4-inch Culprit Incredi-Frog in Watermelon Pearl Belly. This is the more aggressive frog in the Culprit lineup. It has boot tail legs that really churn up the water. This is one of my favorites in the month of May and all summer on weedy lakes if fish remain shallow. It is especially good on northern lakes all summer. I use a weighted Stanley double frog hook for this and 7-8’ heavy action rod with 50- or 65-lb. braid. The sound and action this bait provides make fish attack it hard. It also skips really well. I like to fish it under the backside of docks and during shad spawn.

4.5-inch Culprit Incredi-Bug in Black. I use this lure in two unique ways. First I use heavy weights of half ounce and higher to fish heavy cover. This bait has a beefy body and holds a big hook nicely in the thick stuff without popping out and getting hung as much as other baits in this style. I use 1-oz. or even 1.25-oz. weights to punch thick matted weeds to catch huge bass. I also use a weighted belly hook for swimming this lure much like a swim bait. It looks a lot like a bluegill versus a shad with its flat shape; I catch a lot of fish on it shallow with that method. I use 50- to 65-lb. braid and heavy 7’3” to 8’ rods for this bait. If flipping in clear water with 1/2- or 3/4-oz. weights, I sometimes use 20 or 25 fluorocarbon.

6-inch Culprit T-Rex in Watermelon. This is a 6-inch straight tail when you need to get a little finesse in your game. I use it with an Eco-Pro Pro Wacky Weight to fish deeper water than most with a wacky rig. I use a size 1 straight shank hook and a piece of spinnerbait tubing to hold it on the wire.
I also use it with a Neko rig which is placing a nail weight in the nose and hooking it through the middle. It falls straight, but when you pull it the bait folds over providing a different action bass love. Finally a shaky head is the old standby for this worm. Choose 1/8 head and away you go, anywhere there are bass you are apt to catch one on a shaky head.

And last but not least the Culprit Original 7.5” worm that started it all in Fire and Ice. I chose Fire and Ice because kids love that color and bass do too. Use this pack to teach a kid how to fish. Spool them up a spinning or spincast reel 8-lb. mono or 15-lb. braid, something easy that they like the feel of. Teach them to watch the line, to know when it hits the bottom, and that important “tap tap” feel of a bite and how to set the hook. It is such a thrill to catch bass, especially for young ones their first few times. Using 1/4-oz. weight and a 2/0 offset hook is perfect. You just might find yourself turning into a kid again with the joy of fishing the original Culprit worm.The tail action of this worm is awesome fished at slow speeds, and bass cannot resist! One of the most effective and fun lures to fish to this day.

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